Green Bay Insurance Center | The surprising answer to “Who pays?” when your neighbor’s tree falls on your house


The surprising answer to “Who pays?” when your neighbor’s tree falls on your house

Tree toppled by high winds.

Tree toppled by high winds. Photo by Doug Higgins

It’s thunderstorm season in Wisconsin.   Strong storms can produce hail, wind, floods, and an occasional tornado.  A common insurance claim during storm season is when high winds push over trees.  Did you know that if your neighbor’s tree falls in your yard and damages a fence, shed, or your house it’s your insurance that will cover the damage?  That’s right; it’s an act of nature so it’s no one’s fault.


What happens if your neighbor’s tree fell over and damages your home but it wasn’t storms winds that brought it down? For example, let say the tree was rotting or diseased. Your insurance will still pay the claim.  However, if you can prove your neighbor knew the tree was at risk of falling over and didn’t address the problem, then your insurance company could attempt to collect from your neighbor’s insurance company.  This way you may get back the deductible you paid for your claim.


If a tree falls on your car, your automobile insurance will take care of it but only if you have comprehensive coverage.


Finally, if a tree fell in your yard, it’s not blocking anything and it didn’t cause damage, then you will have to pay to remove it.  The key here is the function of insurance.  Insurance is meant to restore your property to the point it was before an incident, so if there is no damage to your property then there is nothing to restore.  Like mowing a lawn it’s the upkeep that comes with owning a home.


Insurance information can get complicated quickly. That’s why it’s so important to have an independent agent from Green Bay Insurance Center working for you.   At Green Bay Insurance Center, we make insurance easy.  Email us today at or call us at 920-437-9281 to get a free insurance quote.

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